What Happens At Camp Little Oak?

At Camp Little Oak, it’s first and foremost a camp. We do all of the summer camp things, like swimming, canoeing, arts, crafts, campfire, archery, the works.

But what’s different?  Well, other than the atmosphere and camaraderie of meeting other girls who bleed?

Here are some activities that are special to Camp Little Oak:

  1. Bleeding disorder education: At Camp Little Oak, we include age-appropriate education about bleeding disorders.  What is a bleeding disorder?  How do I stay healthy?  What does this mean for my period? What does a bleeding disorder actually mean in my body? These discussions are led by either Health Director Hope, or Camp Director Hannah.  Hope, an RN, has years experience as an HTC nurse, and in home health; Hannah is a registered medical laboratory scientist, as well as a PhD student in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine.
  2. Camp Little Oak traditions such as sneak-peek and messy time
  3. Community service projects: Throughout the decades, the bleeding disorder community has benefited from the philanthropy of the general world community, and we believe that the favor deserves returning
  4. Science exploration with Hannah!