Camp 2018!

Hello!  We are happy to announce that Camp 2018 will be held on July 22-July 28th at Camp Aldersgate.  Forms are ready to go!  Please email the camp director, Hannah Russell, to get a form!


Camp Little Oak 2017

Announcing that Camp Little Oak 2017 is going to be running from Jul 22-29, 2017 at Camp Aldersgate in Greig, NY.  If you would like an application, please contact me at  For any questions, feel free to give me a text or call at 425.770.1801.

I, Hannah, for one am extremely excited to be planning CLO 2017.  We’re traveling a little under the water this year.  That’s right, this year’s theme is Under the Sea.  So, get ready for fish, mermaids, beaches and everything else.

We’re Still Alive Post Camp 2016

Well, I ran camp, and then I fell off the face of the earth!  Actually, I quit my previous not-camp job, moved across five states and decided to go and get my PhD.  So, that’s what happened.

But…Camp was low in numbers, but high in fun this year.  I can’t wait to see you all again next year, and I’m already planning avidly.

I will send applications out to those who have previously attended camp in April.  If you’re new to camp, or don’t receive your application, email me at or give me a call for more information 425-770-1801.

My goals for camp this year is to get the website up, rework the schedule of camp to a certain extent, and just figure out new ways to get more and more friends at camp, and to make camp run more smoothly without affecting the magic that we already have here at Camp Little Oak.

I encourage all parents and campers to approach me with ideas and feedback, and I also want any staff who want to take on a more year-round role in camp to let me know as well.  The more the merrier.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to get to know all the campers better, and for the blessing that it is to serve as your camp director.


Hannah Russell
Camp Director
Camp Little Oak

Applications are available!

Hello everyone!  Applications are now available for Camp 2016! Send me an email at to get  your application.  If you would prefer a paper copy, just let me know and we will get one mailed to you.  If you are an HTC social worker or nurse and would like some applications for families, please email me and let me know.

I will try to get the application available on here as well, but I haven’t figured out how to do that.  On a related note, anyone interested in the volunteer job of website design is absolutely welcome to apply!  I have no web design skills, darn it.  I guess that’s what happens when you are a volunteer-run non-profit organization.

I am so excited to start this process of the camp journey.  It’s the part where it starts being real to me that we really are going to have another year of camp!

Camp 2016

Hey everyone!  It’s been awhile.  But, in the meantime, Hope (health director) and I have been working on preparing for our Next Big Adventure: Camp Little Oak 2016!

We are pleased to be able to announce that Camp will be running again next year, for its 11th year from July 31st to August 6th!  Mark your calendars everyone.

If you are new to the Camp Little Oak family or want to find out more, feel free to give me, Hannah (the director), a call at 425-770-1801, or email me at

Camp is almost here!

Hey everyone! I am ecstatic to be preparing for our 10th year at Camp Little Oak.  Camp starts on Sunday!  Can you believe it?  We have so many great activities planned, and it’s all starting to come together in my mind!  I can’t wait to see all our returning campers, and I’m excited to meet our new campers as well.


Camp Little Oak

We now have a website!  This website, just like our campers, is a work in progress.  But someday, it will grow up, just like our campers, and will be gorgeous.

For now:  What is Camp Little Oak?

Camp Little Oak is a non-profit, week-long summer camp for girls with bleeding disorders.  As space permits, we also have campers who carry bleeding disorders, or are a sibling to someone with a bleeding disorder.  Girls bleed too!  So, why don’t they have their own camp? At Camp Little Oak, we make a special place for girls with bleeding disorders, letting girls confront their bleeding disorders (just like boys), but also the unique parts of being a girl with a bleeding disorder.  We want all girls with bleeding disorders to know that they are not alone, there are others just like them.

This year, camp will run from July 26-August 1 in the Adirondack region of Upstate NY.  It is free to attend, too!

Camp Director:  Hannah Russell–425-770-1801;

Health Director: Hope Woodcock-Ross, RN