Camp Little Oak

We now have a website!  This website, just like our campers, is a work in progress.  But someday, it will grow up, just like our campers, and will be gorgeous.

For now:  What is Camp Little Oak?

Camp Little Oak is a non-profit, week-long summer camp for girls with bleeding disorders.  As space permits, we also have campers who carry bleeding disorders, or are a sibling to someone with a bleeding disorder.  Girls bleed too!  So, why don’t they have their own camp? At Camp Little Oak, we make a special place for girls with bleeding disorders, letting girls confront their bleeding disorders (just like boys), but also the unique parts of being a girl with a bleeding disorder.  We want all girls with bleeding disorders to know that they are not alone, there are others just like them.

This year, camp will run from July 26-August 1 in the Adirondack region of Upstate NY.  It is free to attend, too!

Camp Director:  Hannah Russell–425-770-1801;

Health Director: Hope Woodcock-Ross, RN

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